What We Do

We mobilize resources, inspire giving, build knowledge and provide leadership on vital community issues to improve the quality of life for all in Napa County.  We are a public charity; a grantmaking foundation; a philanthropic advisor; and a staging ground for people, resources and ideas. Every day, we link donors to projects that do good in our community.

We look for charitable projects that make a lasting difference.  With a bird’s-eye view of the nonprofit sector and knowledge gained from more than 200 site visits each year to local charities, we know where there are gaps, opportunities, needs, new ideas and great leaders.

We rally our donors to support key projects, while helping them pursue their own agendas. We help donors pursue their passions, and find important projects where those passions overlap.  Working in this way, we multiply the impact of individual givers, while honoring the personal preferences of those who entrust us with their resources.

We believe there is strength, and greater impact, in numbers.  We cultivate relationships with other funders, and create opportunities for our donors to collectively support critical projects—not to the exclusion of their own goals, but where they share an interest in a particular need or opportunity.  Our projects have been supported by hundreds of local givers, and have attracted several million dollars in additional resources from regional and statewide foundations, including: The California Endowment; The California Wellness Foundation; The James Irvine Foundation; The David & Lucile Packard Foundation; and The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Where We Are

Napa Valley is a place with deep roots and big dreams.  A community where we honor tradition even as we branch out boldly in new directions.

We have extraordinary assets here, but significant challenges as well.

Challenges around housing, education, immigration, inequality, water, land use and transportation, to name a few.  Challenges which uniquely confront rural counties like ours, where there is little organized philanthropic capital at the ready to address them.

In San Francisco, foundations distribute $678 per capita each year. In Napa County, that number is $75.

That’s why partnering with local donors is so critical to us, and to this community.  We seek to bring together the financial and intellectual capital of civic-minded people, and to focus dollars and energy on the most relevant opportunities and challenges in Napa Valley.

To encourage giving where we are, we must meet donors where they are.

So we work ardently, on behalf of our donors, to support the giving that they want to do—in the hope that they will be inspired, as appropriate, to participate in the giving that we want to do.


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