Maira Ayala


Maira was born and raised in the Napa Valley and works as a District Representative for Congressman Mike Thompson where she oversees the district’s casework procedures, assists constituents experiencing difficulties with federal agencies and acts as the liaison between community organizations and the member. Maira graduated from Napa High Class of 2002, has a Bachelor of Art in History, Minors in Education and Public Policy from UC Berkeley and a Master in Public Administration from Columbia University.  Prior to working for Congressman Thompson, she worked for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, interned for New York City’s Homeless Services and participated in a capstone project for the Mayor’s Office of New York City.  Maira’s commitment to the community is to demonstrate initiative, creativity, and dedication to building consensus and excellence in any project she is part of. Maira is also on the Board of Directors of OLE Health and Mentis.


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