Financial Overview

Napa Valley Community Foundation partners with more than 100 philanthropic individuals, families, nonprofit agencies and corporations in the Napa Valley. We steward philanthropic capital with the highest ethical and fiduciary standards, and seek risk-adjusted returns that are appropriate to support the different charitable objectives of our diverse donor base.  One of our core values is transparency, so we publish our complete Federal Tax Returns and our Audited Financial Statements on a regular basis.

Federal Tax Returns (Form 990)

Financial Statements

Investment Overview

Our Board of Directors, in partnership with the NVCF Finance Committee, is responsible for our Investment Policy. This Investment Policy is formally reviewed each year, and revisions to it are made as necessary. The Finance Committee meets with our investment advisors on a quarterly basis to review performance and consider tactical investment changes that might be recommended by these advisors.

Wise Stewardship of Funds

The donors we work with have different objectives. For this reason, we maintain several investment pools, each of which has a distinct asset allocation.

We welcome the opportunity to work with professional advisors to customize a plan for their clients. Contact us to learn more.

Investment Information


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