Sep 7, 2017

From Napa Valley Register: Napa businesses open their pocketbooks to provide Hurricane Harvey aid

September 7, 2017, Jennifer Huffman Napa’s businesses may be about 1,900 miles from Houston, but many are touched by the plight of Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. A number of Napa area wineries and other companies have collected donations or made contributions – both financially and otherwise – for the […]


Jul 24, 2017

From Napa Valley Register: Napa Valley Community Foundation appoints new board members and officers

Jul 24, 2017, For the Register Napa Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) recently appointed several new board members. The new board members are: Maira Ayala, district representative for Congressman Mike Thompson; Dawnine Dyer, founder and owner of Dyer Wine; and Ed Matovcik, president of Intervine, an international wine management company serving […]


Jun 1, 2017

From Napa Valley Register: NV Community Foundation announces scholarships

May 28, 2017, Register Staff Napa Valley Community Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling $128,300 to 57 local students, an increase of more than a dozen students and $25,000 from 2016. Among this year’s scholarship recipients are local military veterans who are receiving financial support from the George and Gwendolyn Goodin […]


May 2, 2017

From Terence Mulligan & Napa Valley’s Community Foundation Starts A Conversation to Bridge Our Social, Cultural and Political Divide

May 2, 2017  


Apr 24, 2017

From Napa Valley Register: Napa Valley Forum looks at role of journalism

Apr 24, 2017, Register staff The Napa Valley Forum 2017 will feature a discussion on “Media, Democracy and Civil Society: The Role of Journalism in the Era of Social Networks, WikiLeaks, Disinformation and Fake News.” The guest speaker will be Phil Bronstein, executive chair of the board of the Center for […]


Mar 10, 2017

From Wine-Searcher: Immigration Poses Questions for Napa

March 10, 2017, W. Blake Gray As resentment over immigration bubbles away, Napa works out how to talk about the elephant in the room. Despite a chronic shortage of housing, Napa Valley treats its farmworkers better than most of the US. But in a country that suddenly seems at war on […]


Feb 25, 2017

From Napa Valley Register: The future of the Community Foundation

February 25, 2017, The Napa Valley Register Editorial Board If there was a bright side to the 2014 earthquake, it was the strong showing of generosity and resilience that Napa County made in the face of a widespread disaster. Among the many standouts in that effort was a previously low-profile […]


Feb 7, 2017

From St. Helena Star: UVFC provides free bilingual tax services

February 7, 2017, St. Helena Star UpValley Family Centers (UVFC) is providing free tax preparation services at its offices in St. Helena and Calistoga, evenings and weekends from now to April 18, through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. New this year, thanks to support from Citibank, the UVFC […]


Dec 6, 2016

From Napa Valley Community Foundation announces scholarships for Napa County High School seniors and Napa Valley College transfer students

December 06, 2016 Fruit of the Vine Scholarship gives preference to the children of winery and vineyard employees. The following scholarships for Napa County High School seniors and Napa Valley College transfer students are administered by the Napa Valley Community Foundation. Note that the Fruit of the Vine Scholarship gives preference […]


Nov 30, 2016

From Napa Valley Register: Napa nonprofits join Giving Tuesday charity campaign

November 30, 2016, Howard Yune A variety of nonprofit and service groups in Napa County are taking part in Giving Tuesday, an online and social media drive to boost fundraising and publicize the work of some 40,000 community groups worldwide. Local groups including Mentis, OLE Health, and Napa branches of […]


Nov 8, 2016

From Napa Valley Register: Napa supervisors honor new citizens

November 8, 2016, Register Staff Twelve new local United States citizens were honored Tuesday by the Napa County Board of Supervisors. “What a special day, to recognize new citizens on Election Day,” said Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, who attended the morning ceremony. The honorees benefited from the One Napa […]


Sep 12, 2016

From St. Helena Star: Local nonprofits help Napa Countians become U.S. citizens

Sep 12, 2016, David Stoneberg Third in an occasional series Even though answering 10 questions on the government, history and laws of the United States wasn’t hard, I still got two wrong. I had studied the 100 questions and answers – or rather I had read over them a couple […]


Aug 25, 2016

From Napa Valley Patch: Legislature Passes Classroom Earthquake Safety Bill 2 Years After Napa Quake

Also, an update on the $7.8 distributions from the Disaster Relief Fund  August 25, 2016, Patch Staff On the second anniversary of the 6.0-magnitude South Napa earthquake, the state Legislature on Wednesday passed a bill authored by a local assemblyman requiring school districts in seismically active areas to safely secure […]


Aug 24, 2016

From KRON 4: Legislature passes classroom earthquake safety bill 2 years after Napa quake

August 24, 2016, Bay City News NAPA COUNTY (BCN)—On the second anniversary of the 6.0-magnitude South Napa earthquake, the state Legislature today passed a bill authored by a local assemblyman requiring school districts in seismically active areas to safely secure heavy furniture and fixtures in their classrooms. The bill authored by […]


Aug 24, 2016

From Napa Register: Two years after the earthquake, the Community Foundation is planning for Napa’s next disaster

August 24, 2016, Kevin Courtney On the second anniversary of the South Napa earthquake, the Napa Valley Community Foundation released a report detailing what became of nearly $11 million in recovery donations and ongoing efforts to prepare for the next disaster. The Foundation reports making cash payments totaling $5.4 million to […]


Aug 8, 2016

From St. Helena Star: Working with the UpValley Family Centers to become a citizen

August 8, 2016, David Stoneberg Second in an occasional series In 1994, Elsa Cairo Carlos, her husband and daughter left their native land of Peru and emigrated to the United States. Carlos is one of nearly 9,000 Lawful Permanent Residents living in Napa County who wishes to become a U.S. citizen […]


Aug 7, 2016

From Napa Valley Register: Napan Lomeli goes from battlefield to courtroom

August 7, 2016, Jennifer Huffman Bonifacio Lomeli of Napa spent seven years in the Army working as a combat medic, helping fight for his country. Today, he’s working toward learning a different form of “combat” – the kind waged in courtrooms or at mediation table. Thanks to the George and Gwendolyn […]


Jul 19, 2016

From St. Helena Star: Help on becoming a U.S. citizen

July 19, 2016, David Stoneberg First in a series Blanca Dixon asked me some tough and personal questions recently and I had to answer them. All 32 of them.The UpValley Family Centers employee asked about my life, my travels and whether I owe taxes (which I don’t), and whether I have […]


Jul 14, 2016

From The Aspen Institute blog: Getting to Know the New “Us”

July 14, 2016, Elise Hernandez For over a decade, the Community Strategies Group (CSG) has advanced practices and policies that help hard-working rural families earn more, keep more of what they earn, and grow what they have into assets over time. As more immigrants move to rural America, practitioners need new […]


Jun 24, 2016

From Napa Valley Register: Earthquake victims receive help from Habitat for Humanity

June 24, 2016, Register Staff Nearly two years after the magnitude-6.0 earthquake hit Napa County, Damian Uriarte’s family is just now beginning to recover from the damage. The Uriartes, along with several other families in Napa County, are receiving critical repairs to their home, including a damaged chimney box that left […]


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