From American Canyon Eagle: STRIKE UP THE BAND!

November 7, 2013 12:30 PM • Eagle Staff • 'Seventy-Six Trombones' gives out music grants Representatives from the 17 recipients of Napa Valley Community Foundation’s Ruth L. Terranella “Seventy-Six Trombones” Music Fund gathered at the Napa Valley Unified Schools District Auditorium on Tuesday to receive grant checks, and to show off the shiny new instruments…

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Taking local action: One Napa Valley Initiative

When immigration became a polarizing issue in other parts of the country, we brought two dozen donors together to fund a nonpartisan study on the economic and fiscal impact of immigration in Napa Valley.  We shared the results of our study with nearly 2,000 residents, encouraging civil dialogue based on local data.  After these discussions,…

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Tackling big problems together

When the economy faltered and the housing bubble burst, we brought 35 donors together to create a program for local families at risk of losing their homes. So far, more than 1,200 households have benefited from bilingual foreclosure education workshops, personalized financial assessments, and re-housing services—all free of charge.  Our funding ($365,000 over 5 years)…

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Backing new and effective programs

When Napa Emergency Women’s Services (NEWS) wanted to try a different approach to helping victims of domestic violence, we engaged one of our donors to provide seed funding. NEWS developed a team that delivers crisis intervention services immediately, on the scene of a domestic dispute, and connects victims to help from other agencies. Their program shifted…

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From Los Angeles Times: $1 Million Will Go to Naturalize Immigrants in Napa County

April 23, 2013, 2:18 pm • Lee Romney • SAN FRANCISCO -- The Napa Valley Community Foundation on Tuesday announced it would invest $1 million over the next three years to help the county's legal immigrants become U.S. citizens. The initiative comes a year after the release of a comprehensive analysis of Napa County's immigrant community…

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From Napa Valley Register: Mulligan Helps Build Foundation for Community

September 18, 2012 6:12 pm  •  Jennifer Huffman • Terence Mulligan is the president of the Napa Valley Community Foundation, which distributes $2 million to $3 million annually to local charities. Mulligan moved to Napa in 2004 to become president of the Napa Valley Community Foundation. The nonprofit works sort of like a philanthropic investment bank,…

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From American Public Media’s Marketplace: Napa Valley Immigrants Pay Their Way

Jeff Tyler discusses the fiscal impact of immigration on Napa County in this interview with Napa Valley Community Foundation President, Terence Mulligan. Kai Ryssdal: It's not likely immigration policy's going to be a big national issue in November. Congress and the White House agreed to disagree on that a couple of years ago. Locally, though, it's much more of a concern, depending…

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