Making Napa Valley Better, Together

Anyone can be a philanthropist—you don’t need to be Bill Gates to make a difference.

At NVCF, we work with donors who care deeply about this community.

We help donors pursue their passions, and we find important local projects where those passions overlap.

Working in this way, we multiply the impact of individual donors.

We enable donors to solve big problems together while advancing their own agendas.

Three ways to get started

Join forces

Invest in Napa Valley by making a contribution of any size to one of our Community Impact Funds. Your dollars will go farther in partnership with contributions from hundreds of others who share your passion for a particular issue. With a bird’s-eye view of the nonprofit sector and knowledge gleaned from more than 200 site visits each year to local charities, we identify impactful projects, and report back to you on results.

Find your own path

Start a fund of your own and get our team working for you. This option is best for people who wish to achieve greater impact, and greater simplicity, with respect to their giving. Our donor advised fund program meets rigorous national standards, and our professional staff is available to help you achieve your charitable goals. Whatever your passions, we can help you get there.

Leave a legacy

Leave a legacy for future generations through your estate plan. You can make a lasting difference in Napa County by creating a fund with assets from your estate. Distributions will be made in your name within a broad field of interest (like seniors or veterans), or to a group of charitable organizations you choose.


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