Start a Fund and get our Team Working for You

Why start a fund?

Our donors are generous people who want to make a difference.

Most often, they decide to start a Fund with us for one of these reasons:

  • They are making more (or larger) gifts than they used to, and want to be sure their charitable investments are effective.
  • They need a charitable income tax deduction this year, but would like to be thoughtful about how they distribute charitable dollars over time.
  • They are looking for more structure, or more simplicity, or more impact with regard to their philanthropy.

No matter why they choose to establish a Fund, we take extraordinary care of our donors.

We work as diligently for retired school teachers as we do for families of significant wealth.

Whatever their financial capacity, we help donors pursue their passions, and keep them well-informed about the issues and organizations that matter most to them.

That’s one reason why NVCF is the top-rated community foundation in the United States when it comes to donor satisfaction and impact, according to a recent survey of several thousand donors conducted by the nonprofit Center for Effective Philanthropy.

Three ways to find your own path

Donor Advised Fund

Memorial Fund

Scholarship Fund


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