Community Impact Funds

Every Community Impact Fund is supported by dozens of local donors.

Through the Foundation, these donors accomplish remarkable things they couldn’t necessarily achieve on their own—not as a substitute for the direct giving they might do in support of their favorite charitable causes, but as a complement to these important, individual efforts.

Learn about the mission of each Community Impact Fund, below, or click here to see a full report on Fund activities in 2017.

To make a gift to one of our Community Impact Funds, please email or call our staff.

To make an online donation please click here.


Community Leadership Fund

Mission: To tackle some of our region’s most serious challenges through research; local forums and convenings; and strategic grantmaking and communications.

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Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund

Mission: To help residents, businesses and nonprofits recover and rebuild from the 2014 Napa earthquake, and to help prepare for and respond to future disasters or public heath emergencies.


Capacity Grants Funds

Mission: To help strengthen the organizational capacity of nonprofit organizations working in Napa County.


In School & Out of School Fund

Mission: To help children and youth (ages 3-24) succeed in school and improve their chances of becoming confident and contributing adults.


Strong Communities Fund

Mission: To help our County’s residents get their basic needs met and engage them in community life.


One Napa Valley Initiative

Mission: To empower immigrants to feel more secure and engaged in the future of the community.


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