Apply for a Competitive Grant

Each competitive grant fund below has a unique grantmaking focus, application requirements and deadlines.  If you want to request a grant from a particular fund, click on the fund name in the list below to review eligibility and application criteria.

Competitive grant programs

In School & Out of School Fund

Helps Napa County children and youth, especially kids from low-income or immigrant households, succeed in school and improve their chances of becoming confident and contributing adults.

Gordon F. & Marion J. Davies Endowment Fund

Helps at-risk youth attending high school in Napa County to develop the skills they need to succeed in and graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education.

Marion Mendelsohn Fund

Supports specific organizations named by the deceased donor that established the fund, as well as health services, with a current emphasis on mental health.

Strong Communities Fund

Helps strengthen vulnerable households in Napa County.


Supports students and teachers in Napa County.


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