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A newsletter of Napa Valley Community Foundation

March 2013

Let's take a breather from sequestration.


Instead, with spring in the air, we'd like to focus on something more uplifting.

Something that speaks to carefully considered investments, rather than automatic disinvestments.


Something that celebrates what is working well in our community, rather than what isn't working in Washington.

What we're talking about is our 2012 Donor Report, which follows.


Call it an anti-sequestration story, if you like: in which hundreds of local people contribute voluntarily to us, so we can distribute resources to specific opportunities and needs in Napa Valley.


As you'll see in the following report, we distributed nearly $500,000 to our nonprofit partners last year, and earmarked another $1 million for grants and programs between 2013 and 2015.


If you are one of the donors listed in the pages that follow, thank you very much for helping us step up and make a bigger difference.


If you are not a donor now but would like to be in the future, I hope you'll contact me to learn more about getting involved.


At Napa Valley Community Foundation, we believe there is strength in numbers.


I hope this strength is evident in the next seven pages.        




Terence P. Mulligan 


2012 Donor Report 

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