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A newsletter of Napa Valley Community Foundation
March 2015

Dear Friends,


2014 was an extraordinary year for Napa Valley Community Foundation.


Last year, in partnership with more than 850 donors, we invested a record-breaking $9.1 million in local charitable projects. 


In the pages that follow, you can see the numbers and read the stories of our collective impact.


If you are one of the 858 donors who made a gift to us so that we could help others in our community, thank you very much.

We are truly grateful for your generosity and civic spirit.


If you are not a donor now but would like to be in the future, I hope you'll contact me to learn more about getting involved.


At Napa Valley Community Foundation, we believe there is strength in numbers.


I hope this strength is evident in the report below.


Sincerely yours,

Terence P. Mulligan



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