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Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts

A month ago, we published a special edition of this newsletter to assist local donors who wanted to support Hurricane Harvey relief and recovery efforts.
Since that time, additional hurricanes have hit the southeastern United States and the Caribbean islands, two powerful earthquakes have struck Mexico, and wildfires have burned throughout the western states. These natural disasters have killed hundreds and displaced several thousand individuals, while leaving widespread destruction and a long recovery road ahead.
We know that many of you care deeply about continuing to help those affected, both near and far.  But, it can be difficult to determine which charities to choose in the aftermath of a disaster.
Below please find a few reputable resources to guide your disaster relief giving.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy has created collaborative disaster recovery funds that restrict aid to specific disaster recovery needs.
Additionally, the following organizations are working on-the-ground -- and across the globe -- in relief and recovery for multiple disasters:
It's important to note that many disaster relief and recovery organizations accept restricted donations, but typically a portion of the donation is used for future disasters in other locations.
You can visit these links directly to give, or recommend a grant distribution from your Donor Advised Fund at Napa Valley Community Foundation.  To do so, you can log on to your DonorCentral account from our website, email your grant recommendation to Ellen Drayton at, or, fax us at 707.254.7955.
If you don't have a Fund at NVCF but would like to learn more about starting one, please contact Adrienne Capps at
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