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February 2012

Remember the box set?


A long time ago, when people still bought records at the record store, the box set was a popular gift item.


For me, this year's report to our donors (links below) brings back fond recollections of such music collections.


Not because we are mining the past for something interesting to say, though mine the past we do.


Not because the packaging is sharper than usual, though sharper it happens to be.


Instead, I see our report as an opportunity to pause and reflect on the work we've done so far, with an eye towards what comes next.


In the last five years, in partnership with dozens of local families and foundations, we have:

  • capitalized a series of Community Impact Funds;
  • distributed $2.8 million to important projects in Napa Valley--including a whopping (by our standards) $612,000 in 2011; and,
  • attracted national attention for the way we are working with our donors.

I hope you'll take a moment to flip through the catalog and let me know what you think.


Making grants is not exactly like making records, but there is sometimes music in community philanthropy, and it beats to the rhythm of the greater good.


Click here, or on the image below, for the full donor report on our website.




Terence P. Mulligan 


Donor Report

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