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May 2012

Earlier this month, we started an important conversation.


A conversation about the contributions that immigrants make to our community, as well as the challenges and opportunities that are presented to our region as a result of changing demographics.


Underpinning those conversations has been our newly-released study, "Profile of Immigrants in Napa County." Because, we believe that fact-based dialogue focused on what's happening locally is the best way to bring people together around a charged issue like immigration.


We also know that personal stories--yours and others'--are key to building understanding and highlighting our shared values.


We've started capturing some personal insights in a short new video, which we hope you'll watch and share with others (see link below).


What do you think about immigration in Napa Valley?


Please add your voice to the story bank we are stitching together by signing up to be part of our next video.


On Tuesday, June 5 (which happens to be Election Day), we'll be filming at our offices at 3299 Claremont Way in Napa between 9 a.m. and noon. It will take just a few minutes to participate--please come and let your voice be heard!


Click here to reserve a five-minute appointment for the video.


Click here, or on the image below, to watch the video. 


Terence Mulligan


A Profile of Immigrants in Napa County  

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