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November 2012

The holiday season is officially upon us.


For many, this is a time to reflect and be grateful, and to consider the needs of others--particularly those that are less fortunate than we are.


At this time of year, we know many of you may wish to make donations to the charitable organizations in our community that provide safety net services during the long winter months, especially for food, shelter and emergency assistance programs. Some of these also provide services that can brighten the holidays for local families with kids.


For this reason, over the last several years, we've featured a "grab bag" of projects in our November newsletter, highlighting some local safety net organizations.


If you'd like to support any of the programs featured below, we're recommending general support gifts of $100 to $1,000. (A polite reminder to our Fundholders that want to recommend a grant distribution from their Fund, the minimum amount is $250. To contribute, please complete a donor recommendation form and fax it to us at 254.7955.)


Give us a call at 254.9565 if you have any questions.


If you'd like to read past issues of the newsletter, go to


Julia DeNatale

Manager of Philanthropic Services 


Emergency Aid


American Canyon Family Resource Center (ACFRC).  ACFRC connects 220 American Canyon families to resources like public assistance, early childhood learning activities, and mental health services.  During the winter, ACFRC distributes emergency food bags, grocery gift cards and diapers, and, assists locals with utility payments in emergency situations.  Contact: Sherry Tennyson, Executive Director, 707.980.7024 or 


Calistoga Family Center (CFC).  CFC sees more than 2,000 individual Calistoga residents for ongoing programs such as case management, parent and family education, family finance training, and school-based student support services. CFC also helps clients in crisis with paying billls--including rent, utilities, transportation and medical expenses.  Contact: Victoria Li, Executive Director, 707.942.6206 or


Cope Family Center (Cope). Cope is the largest family resource center in Napa County and serves 1,000 families with case management, financial education and economic stability programs. Families in crisis can drop in to receive diapers and formula, transportation vouchers, grocery gift cards and referrals to rental assistance. Contact: Joelle Gallagher, Executive Director, 707.252.1123 or


Puertas Abiertas Community Resource Center (Puertas). Puertas focuses on Latino residents in the city of Napa.  It connects more than 450 low-income families to subsidy programs, English as a Second Language classes, legal services and housing assistance.  Puertas provides a limited amount of emergency food and clothing assistance, when funding allows. Contact: Rejane Brito, Executive Director, 707.224.1786 or


St. Helena Family Center (SHFC).  SHFC serves residents of St. Helena and the surrounding areas, and provides programs for all ages, including preschool activities, teen mentoring groups, and parenting classes. During the winter months, when many seasonal employees are out of work, SHFC helps approximately: 75 families with emergency rental assistance; about 20 families with paying energy bills; and, more than 100 families with gift cards for groceries and holiday gifts. Contact: Sara Cakebread, Executive Director, 707.963.1919 or 


V.O.I.C.E.S.  A program of On the Move, V.O.I.C.E.S is a family resource center dedicated to kids who will--or already have--aged out of the foster care system. The center helps more than 500 teens and young adults, ages 16-24, with a variety of drop-in emergency services, like: referrals to shelters and transitional housing programs; food; clothing and laundry facilities; and, use of the center's kitchen, phone and mailing address. Contact: Leslie Medine, Executive Director, 707.255.9465 or
Food Programs 
St. Helena Community Food Pantry 

Meals on Wheels.* Each day, volunteers deliver meals to 265 seniors and 60 non-senior homebound disabled adults.  Contact: Alma Fuentes, Program Director, 707.253.6111 or


Napa Valley Food Bank.* 

The Food Bank serves roughly 14,300 low-income Napa County residents. Families may visit an emergency food pantry once every 30 days to choose an allotment of items--meat, dairy, produce, dry goods and canned food--that meets their family's needs.   Food pantries are located in Napa, Calistoga, St. Helena, Lake Berryessa, Angwin, and American Canyon. The Food Bank also operates the Senior Brown Bag program, which delivers grocery bags of food items to 270 seniors twice monthly. Contact: Shirley King, Program Director, 707.253.6128 or


St. Helena Community Food Pantry (SHCFP).  

SHCFP, an all-volunteer organization, helps 260 low-income St. Helena families get their food needs met. The food pantry opens its doors three days a week to distribute fresh produce, milk, fruits and vegetables and non-perishable items, like cereal, to residents. Contact: Connie Kay, Board Vice President, 707.963.5183 or


Salvation Army.  

The Napa division of the Salvation Army serves 250 residents with a daily sit-down meal Monday through Friday. Contact: Captain Trish Poochigian, Napa Corps Officer, 707.226.8150 or


The Table.

A volunteer-run program of the First Presbyterian Church of Napa, The Table serves a hot lunch five days a week, to approximately 200 people per day. The Table clients include seniors on a fixed income, low-income and working-poor families, homeless adults, mentally ill or disabled residents, and at-risk teens. Contact: Rev. Chris Gelini, Pastor, 707.224.8693 or

Housing & Shelter


Calistoga Affordable Housing (CAH).  CAH was established 12 years ago to develop affordable housing properties in Calistoga. The agency currently manages 33 low-income units, and also coordinates volunteers to help Calistogans living in substandard conditions rehabilitate their homes. Contact: Erica Roetman Sklar, Executive Director, 707.942.5920 or


Greater Napa Valley Fair Housing CenterGreater Napa Valley Fair Housing Center (Fair Housing). 

Fair Housing is a government mandated agency that offers landlord-tenant counseling and mediation; investigates complaints of discrimination; and, provides foreclosure education and referral. The nonprofit works with more than 2,800 Napa County individuals annually--most of whom represent vulnerable populations. Contact: Nicole Collier, Executive Director, 707.224.9720 or


Napa Emergency Women's Services (NEWS). 

NEWS operates the only Napa County year-round shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The shelter--which is a safe, confidential house located in a residential neighborhood--can accommodate up to five women and 10 children at one time. Last year, 26 women and 34 children were safely housed in the shelter, staying for an average of three-to-four months.  Contact: Tracy Lamb, Executive Director, 707.252.3687 or


Napa Valley Community Housing (NVCH). NVCH houses 1,700 low-income residents in the 575 units it owns countywide. NVCH brings in other local nonprofit agencies to offer on-premise services to residents, like preschool programs and health education classes.  Contact: Kathleen Dreessen, Executive Director, 707.251.1067 or


Shelter Services.* The Shelter Services include Hope Center, South Napa Shelter, Samaritan Family Shelter and the Winter Shelter. Altogether, the programs help nearly 600 homeless people in Napa, and provide a spectrum of services, depending on each client's situation. For example, Hope Center is a daytime, drop-in program for homeless adults to do laundry, take a shower or get a free medical exam. The South Napa, Samaritan Family and Winter shelters provide overnight beds for individuals or families. Some shelters offer meals; each shelter has requirements regarding length of stay and sobriety.  Contact: Rev. Linda S. Powers, Program Director, 707.253. 6100, x.108 or

*These programs are run by the nonprofit, Community Action of Napa Valley.

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