Guadalupe Hernandez

Lupe 80x80

Lupe joined our staff in January 2018 as the Philanthropic Services Associate. In this role, she supports the Vice President of Philanthropic Services, Director of Philanthropic Services and the Manager of Grants Administration & Scholarships with Discretionary and Donor Advised grantmaking, including: providing support to donors; processing grant recommendations; conducting due diligence; and, knowledge management with the Foundation’s database.

Before joining Napa Valley Community Foundation, Lupe worked as the Administrative Assistant at Wolfe Center for Aldea Children & Family Services, a mental health nonprofit.

Lupe is a Napa native with roots in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is an active member of a local community-based group, Preparados, whose work is aimed at educating the Napa County Spanish-speaking community in emergency and natural disaster preparedness. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis in education from University of California Berkeley, and an associate’s degree in social & behavioral sciences from Napa Valley College. In Lupe’s free time, she enjoys photography, traveling and salsa dancing.



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