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Every day, we gather generous hearts and bright minds to solve the problems that lie beneath the surface of this beautiful place we call home.

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Prefab Accessory Dwelling Units are coming to the North Bay

Abodu, a company focused on building prefabricated Accessory Dwelling Units, installed its first North Bay unit in unincorporated Sonoma County roughly two weeks ago. The company says more units will be coming to both Sonoma and Napa counties in the coming months.

ADUs are small, self-contained living units that can be attached or detached to single family homes, within the single family lot. A statewide boom in ADU approvals started up roughly five years ago, when California legislators required local municipalities to relax their regulations on ADUs approvals. Further legislation, particularly in 2020, has made building such units even easier.

Legislators have framed opening up the approval process for ADUs as one part of an effort to take on California’s housing crisis. Though getting ADU plans approved by local governments has become swifter and easier, that’s only one part of the process. The time and financial burden of building such units falls on homeowners who typically have no experience with construction, said John Geary, CEO of Abodu.

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boy fishing in di Rosa pond

Fishing for fun (and more) at Camp di Rosa in south Napa

photo: Nick Otto, Register

The catch and release was just one part of a week-long camp at the di Rosa Center. Running four weeks total, Camp di Rosa includes learning about the flora, fauna, animals and geology at di Rosa as camper groups explore the 217-acre nature preserve. Hiking, bird watching, archery, fishing and field games are other activities.

Campers are also making make art during studio time and learning about the many sculptures and artworks that can be found outdoors and inside di Rosa’s galleries. The di Rosa is hosting at total of four weeks of summer camp, with about 30 kids attending per week.

Some financial assistance was made available, via Donor Advised Funds with the Napa Valley Community Foundation.


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Person getting COVID vaccine

COVID-19: See How Far We've Come

Two years ago in March, we went from reading about a global pandemic to living anxiously in its daily grasp. 

Today, as we cautiously lift our masks and begin to live and work with some semblance of normalcy, Napa Valley Community Foundation would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the 344 donors whose generous contributions to our Disaster Relief Fund helped to blunt the economic and health effects of the pandemic for our Valley’s most vulnerable residents. 

In the last 24 months, the Foundation has distributed more than $6 million to support emergency financial assistance, childcare, vaccine outreach, testing, remote learning for students and critical services for families like legal aid and counseling — benefitting thousands of people who came into harm’s way because of the pandemic.  


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