• Do you love Napa Valley? We do, too.

    Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all in Napa Valley.  We do this by partnering with local donors to invest in effective nonprofit programs.  We know there are extraordinary assets in our community, but big challenges as well.
  • Is giving back important to you? We can help you do it.

    With a bird’s-eye view of the nonprofit sector and knowledge gleaned from more than 200 site visits each year to local charities, we work with hundreds of local donors to make their giving more impactful.
  • When you think of the future, what do you see?

    Our vision for Napa Valley is of a vibrant, cohesive and connected community in which every person has an opportunity to learn, work, contribute, create and prosper.
  • Would you take a stand for this community? We would, too.

    We think positive change requires concerted effort.  We’re not afraid to take on difficult issues, and always seek to do so in an even-handed way that brings people together.
  • Do you look at the Board when you consider a gift? Same here.

    The best nonprofits have highly engaged Boards and strong executive leadership.  We always look at the people involved before investing in a project, and are proud of our own Board, a diverse group of community leaders.

Transform your passion for giving into greater impact


Our response to COVID-19

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