Your Trust Is the Greatest Gift

A Legacy Fund at Napa Valley Community Foundation ensures that your client’s charitable commitment will live on in the care of a trusted partner. Donors trust us to steward their family’s legacy and continue their philanthropic values – and we strive to uphold that trust. Professional investment management, Board oversight, and staff expertise ensure that their wishes will be honored faithfully and have lasting impact.

Plan Now, Give Later

Together, we’ll create a fund agreement for your clients that reflects how they would like their Legacy Fund to operate – and we’ll share specific language for you to include in your estate plan. Their fund will be established when assets pass by gift from the estate, whether a set amount of cash, securities, or other assets, or the residue or a percentage. We will manage the fund prudently and grant funds annually to support the charities and causes they care about.

Let’s Get Creative

You knows your clients’ needs best, and we’re here to help. Creative gift planning options, include:

  • Life Income Gifts: A charitable remainder trust can provide an annual distribution to one or more beneficiaries for life, and the remainder interest can create your clients’Legacy Fund.
  • IRAs: Retirement fund assets left to non-spouse beneficiaries carry hefty tax burdens, but IRAs listing your clients’ NVCF Legacy Fund as beneficiary pass free of estate and income tax.
  • Insurance Policies: An NVCF Legacy Fund can be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or your client can transfer the policy irrevocably to the Foundation, making future premiums eligible for charitable deductions.

What is a Community Foundation?

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