From Bohemian: Napa County awarded grant for citizenship

PATH TO CITIZENSHIP—Tom Gogola Among entries on a long list of the $2.4 million in 2014 Napa Valley Community Foundation grants, one figure stands out: a $295,000 grant for a Napa County citizenship program established by the foundation. "This is the largest discretionary grant we made this year," says Terence Mulligan, president of the foundation.…

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From St. Helena Star: NVCF makes a difference in countless lives

July 07, 2014 12:14 pm  •  Sara Cakebread Congratulations to the Cleveland Foundation on their 100th anniversary and many thanks to Napa Valley Community Foundation Executive Director Terence Mulligan for highlighting the under the radar value that community foundations bring to 750 communities around the country, including ours. As an active participant in the Napa nonprofit community,…

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