A Beacon of Hope in the Housing Crisis

Rick and Lacey Boatman's newly installed ADU in their Napa backyard.

We believe that our Valley is only as strong as its most vulnerable residents.
Unfortunately, significant barriers—like the high cost of housing—stand in the way of local families’ ability to thrive.

Napa Sonoma ADU Center exemplifies our entrepreneurial approach to bringing new solutions to local challenges. We launched the ADU Center in 2020, with co-funding from Community Foundation Sonoma County. Today, under the leadership of director Scott Johnson, the ADU Center has helped guide more than 500 local residents aiming to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). It’s working: an estimated 74 ADUs have been built, and hundreds more are in the pipeline.

ADUs are typically more affordable and faster to build by design, and they offer homeowners a way to contribute to solving the housing crisis in a personal way.

For Rick and Lacey Boatman, being able to build an ADU on their Napa property was the difference between staying local or moving out of Napa County.

Rick, a firefighter, and his wife Lacey, who works at the Napa County Office of Education, have two young children, and they needed a way for Rick’s aging mother to live close to their family.

“The whole point was to build it for her, she was losing her housing,” shares Rick. “We’d have had to look at moving away if we couldn’t have built here.”

Learn more about the ADU Center: napasonomaadu.org

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