Start Charitable Conversations

Significant giving opportunities often arise when clients are making major business, personal and financial decisions.

You can help clients by listening for these giving opportunities, explaining options and suggesting solutions.

We can help you do that.

Our staff has helped structure and execute $200 million in gift and grant transactions in recent years.  We have experience with complicated gift assets, like privately-held securities, real estate and income-producing vineyard property.  And we’ve guided donors in the selection and use of a broad array of giving vehicles, like private family foundations, Donor Advised Funds and Program Related Investments.

Would you like to start charitable conversations with your clients?

These conversations are often sparked by:

  • A client who is selling a business.  The planning goal: to offset capital gains taxes.  The charitable conversation: reducing capital gains exposure by making tax-deductible contributions to a public charity, family foundation or Donor Advised Fund at NVCF.  Planning tip: real property and privately-held securities are valued at cost-basis if contributed to a family foundation, and Fair Market Value if contributed to a public charity or Donor Advised Fund at NVCF.
  • A client who has significant retirement plan assets.  The planning goal: to enjoy a comfortable level of income and transfer assets to heirs.  The charitable conversation: gifting retirement plan assets to a public charity, or a Legacy Fund at NVCF, and transferring non-retirement plan assets to heirs.  (After taxes, heirs often receive less than 30 cents for each dollar transferred to them from a retirement plan.  One dollar transferred to a Legacy Fund or public charity nets one dollar for your client’s favorite causes.)
  • A client who needs to make large gifts before year-end.  The planning goal: to offset a spike in taxable income without giving everything, all at once, to a short list of preferred charities.  The charitable conversation: reducing income tax liability by making a tax-deductible contribution to a Donor Advised Fund at NVCF, or a family foundation (if one has already been established).  This separates the tax event, which needs to happen quickly, from the timetable for distributing checks to worthwhile nonprofit organizations, which can happen at a more thoughtful and considered pace.
  • A client who needs to distribute grants from a family foundation before year-end.  The planning goal: to meet the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) amount established in the Internal Revenue Code for private foundations, typically five percent of the fair market value of the foundation’s assets.  The charitable conversation: granting the RMD amount into a Donor Advised Fund at NVCF, which meets the requirements of the law (because NVCF is a public charity) while offering the client additional time to decide on end-recipient charities.
  • A client who wants to get their children involved in giving.  The planning goal: to transfer family values to the next generation.  The charitable conversation: creating a family foundation or a Donor Advised Fund at NVCF, and sharing decision-making over charitable distributions with children.

Looking for something you can’t find?  Email or call our staff to see how we can help you help your clients.




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