Leave a Legacy for Future Generations

Why leave a legacy?

You can make a lasting difference in Napa Valley by creating a Legacy Fund through your trust or estate planning documents.

A Legacy Fund can be established as a permanent endowment, or designed to make grants for a fixed period of years (often 10 to 20) before sunsetting. It can support a broad field of interest (like children’s health, or seniors, or animal welfare), or a particular charity you choose.

Starting a Legacy Fund is easier than you might think, and sometimes produces other benefits for you and your family, such as lower taxes or larger outright gifts to children, grandchildren or others.

Three simple ways to establish a Legacy Fund:


Life Insurance

Retirement Plans

Read the stories of those who have left their legacies:

Legacy Brochure

Looking for something you can’t find?

Email or call our staff to talk about legacy giving at NVCF.


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