From KGO ABC 7 News: Napa quake victims save storage facility with donations

By Michael Finney, November 09, 2015

Napa Self Storage was red-tagged in the Napa quake. The owners planned to bulldoze the building with everything in it unless the tenants came up with $170,000. It seemed like an impossible task, but sometimes the impossible happens.

Items belonging to Joan Clark were all in danger of being bulldozed under but on Monday she stood smiling in the rain.

 “My stuff looks good. It looks really good. I was confident it looked good. I am so happy. Today is such a good day,” Clark said.

And it was a day long time coming. Napa Self Storage has been red-tagged after the quake; its steel walls buckled and doors slanted. Then for tenants things went from bad to worse. The storage company pointed to its rental agreement that said the owner is not responsible for any damage to stored property.

Tenants could pay a contractor to shore up the building or lose everything in a demolition.

“If it weren’t for Channel 7 I don’t think we would have gotten to this point. I got a hold of Channel 7 for myself and for the 200 people who have belongings in this building. Things just weren’t happening,” Clark said.

Word went out and fundraising followed.

Napa Self Storage contributed $39,000, a $25,000 grant from the Napa Valley Community Foundation came in. Churches and well-wishers gave and tenants also chipped in.

That’s when Shawn Hacker and his crew went to work. They stabilized the walls, put in temporary beams and now with the building stabilized have started taking the tenants belongings out of the building.


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