Apr 27, 2020

From Napa Valley Register: All in this together

April 27, 2020 by Loraine Stuart

The Napa Valley Register has been consistently and thoroughly providing Napa County important, current information on the Covid-19 crisis for which we are very grateful.

All of us in Napa County are interlinked.

All of us are only as secure and healthy as our neighbors who have less economic security, less access to healthcare.

And all of us are coming together.

As you reported, Napa County has received funding to provide no-cost COVID-19 testing to our uninsured and underinsured neighbors. As chair of the board of the Napa Valley Community Foundation, I extend my deepest thanks to neighbors from throughout the county whose donations to Napa Valley Community Foundation’s COVID-19 response fund made this $100,000 grant possible.

We are, indeed, in this together.

Loraine Stuart

St. Helena


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