Feb 24, 2015

From Napa Valley Register: Letter to the Editor – Thanks for saving Victorian home

February 24  • 

Please acknowledge my great appreciation for the support and assistance from Terrence Mulligan, president of the Napa Valley Community Foundation, plus Shannon Fitzgerald and Amanda Goldberg at E4E Relief, the Foundation’s relief administrator for the Napa Valley Vintners’ gracious emergency earthquake fund.

Also please note my great gratitude to President John Stumpf of Wells Fargo for providing emergency assistance post-earthquake to stabilize my 1889 Victorian, plus restructured financing to facilitate earthquake repairs.

Mr. Rick Tooker, city of Napa Community Development director, and Chief Building Officials Dan Kavarian have been of the greatest assistance in advising on procedures and protocols for earthquake repair.

The helping spirit of Napans, plus official cooperation, turned a seemingly impossible disaster into workable and doable pieces and projects, for which I am most appreciative and eternally grateful.

Thank you for your positive spirit, helping Napa residents recover from the earthquake.

Christina Jamieson



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