Feb 20, 2020

From Napa Valley Register: Town hall meeting set for Mount Veeder residents affected by 2017 wildfires

February 20, 2020, By Register Staff

The Napa Valley Community Foundation is coordinating a town hall meeting for the Mount Veeder community about the impacts of the 2017 Nuns fire.

Organizers also want comment on possible future programs that can help the community be more resilient when the next natural disaster strikes.

The town hall will be on Saturday, Feb. 29, at 10 a.m. at Enchanted Hills Camp, 3410 Mount Veeder Road.

Joining the Community Foundation in hosting the meeting are Supervisor Ryan Gregory and local nonprofit organizations.

Since the wildfires swept through Napa County in October, 2017, the Napa Valley Community Foundation reports distributing $9.5 million to provide relief services and financial assistance to thousands of people who lost homes, personal property or income because of the wildfires.


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