From St. Helena Star: Napa Valley retired teachers group announces Solomon & Cutcomb scholarships for educators

December 22, 2019, Star Staff

The California Retired Teachers Association of Napa Valley announces the availability of a number of scholarships for current and aspiring educators.

Scholarships in the names of former educators, Edward W. Solomon and Judith B. Cutcomb, will be available through the “Napa Valley Community Foundation Scholarships” at napavalleycf.org/nonprofits/apply-for-a-grant/scholarships/. Solomon scholarships are offered to all certificated and educators employed in county schools, while the Cutcomb scholarship is awarded annually to a St. Helena Unified educator or a St. Helena High School graduate ready to transfer to a four-year college in pursuit of a career in education. Solomon and Cutcomb scholarship applications will be posted on Jan. 6 and are due March 5.

Additional scholarships are available to transfer-ready Napa College students planning to become educators. For more information please consult the Student Affairs Financial Aid page at www.napavalley.edu/studentaffairs/FinancialAid/Scholarships/Pages/default.aspx. Napa Valley College applications were posted online on Nov. 18 and are due Feb. 4. For more information, contact Susan Wight at sjhwight@gmail.com.

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