Jun 19, 2020

From The Weekly Calistogan: Calistoga Fire Department takes delivery of new, donated fire truck

June 19, 2020 by Cynthia Sweeney

With funding made possible by an anonymous donor, the Calistoga Firefighter Association has purchased a new fire truck for the Calistoga Fire Department.

The donation is worth $435,000, and the new Type 3 Brush Truck will replace the Fire Department’s old 1998 Brush Truck.

“This is a huge donation from someone in the community who is that generous, to donate the engine,” said Fire Chief Steve Campbell.

After the Tubbs Fire and the firefighters’ annual bingo fundraiser, a person who was impacted by fire stepped forward with the donation, Campbell said.

The gifts of funds for the new vehicle were made possible by the donor through the Napa Valley Community Foundation to the Calistoga Firefighter Association.

The City will contribute $16,000 for equipment and regular maintenance costs will be assumed by the City.


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