Honoring Two Decades of Impact: Terence Mulligan Continues to Lead and Inspire

Last month, we gathered to mark a significant milestone — the 20th anniversary of Terence Mulligan taking the helm as President & CEO for Napa Valley Community Foundation.

Far from a farewell, the celebration — a gathering of family, staff, and board members past and present — was a reflection of Terence’s ongoing leadership. Terence, known for his humor and humility, joked that he felt like he was at his own wake, but we couldn’t let the moment pass without a little festivity and heartfelt appreciation for the journey we’ve shared.

Under Terence’s leadership, with a focus on the community’s well-being, NVCF has seen remarkable transformation, including:

  • Starting from a modest beginning with a staff of three and assets of $7M in 2004, to a robust team of eleven and assets of $76M in 2024, all while fostering a culture of collaboration and community-centered support.
  • Terence has led us through challenges with vision and heart. His leadership during natural disasters — the Napa flood of 2005, the 2014 earthquake, wildfires in 2017 and 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic — kept our focus on supporting our community’s recovery and resilience through the launch, and growth of NVCF’s Disaster Relief Fund.
  • The launch of the One Napa Valley Initiative in 2013 is a testament to Terence’s vision for a supportive, inclusive community. This initiative has enabled nearly 2,300 residents to obtain U.S. citizenship.
  • His guidance in the Foundation’s relocation and facility upgrades, including pioneering a solar project in 2009 and the creation of a shared workspace for nonprofit organizations in 2019, underscore NVCF’s commitment to sustainability and collaboration.

In the day-to-day life of NVCF, Terence embodies versatility and compassion. Whether he’s playing the role of chief strategist, tinkering with new approaches to our work, or overseeing the next round of capital improvements to our building, his care for our team, our donors, and the nonprofit organizations we support shines.

As we celebrate these 20 years with Terence Mulligan at the helm (he was quick to remind us that he was only 34 when hired for this job, and now possesses the gravitas and gray hair that he lacked in 2004), we are excited to see what the future holds. Here’s to the next chapter, guided by the same humility and dedication that Terence has shown us all these years.

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