Meet our Donors: Larry Turley and Suzanne Chambers

NVCF donors Suzanne Chambers and LArry Turley smile at one another in their backyard. Suzanne is smiling, and wearing glasses with a black shirt and blazer on. She is a white woman with long beautiful silver hair. Larry is smiling at Suzanne while wearing a blue striped button-down shirt. He is a tall white man with silver hair.

Suzanne Chambers and Larry Turley first met at the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival in Maui more than 30 years ago. They discovered a shared passion for wine and helping others, a commitment they continue to embrace today.

“My parents were teachers, and Suzanne’s parents understood the value of education. It’s hard to do well in school when you are hungry or don’t have a place to study,” shares Larry. “We continue to help those that need a hand in our community and beyond, as others have helped us. Turley Wine Cellars and Suzanne’s business, Chambers & Chambers, enable us to do this.”

With a commitment to helping critical issues like education and food security, Larry and Suzanne began working with Napa Valley Community Foundation more than 15 years ago by establishing a Donor Advised Fund. Today, they’re excited to have their four daughters, all young adults, become more involved with giving back and are glad to be in a position to do so in partnership with NVCF.

“We appreciate the Foundation because they’re really in tune with what’s going on in Napa. They know the community inside and out, and they’re great at figuring out where help is needed most. It’s been a terrific way for us to give back, and it’s been a real pleasure to see our kids get involved, too. We’re happy to be part of something bigger than ourselves here in Napa, and we hope others might be inspired to do more, too.”

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