From Napa Valley Register: TOP STORIES OF 2015, NO. 1: Earthquake aftermath

December 30, 2015  •  By Jennifer Huffman No. 1: Earthquake aftermath  Most Napans have moved on from the August 2014 earthquake. But for others, daily reminders of the quake and its aftermath remain. Evidence of incomplete recovery can still be seen as 2015 draws to a close: homes jacked up for new foundations, scaffolding wrapped…

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From Napa Valley Register: Efforts continue to help Napa quake victims

December 28,2015  •  ROSEMARIE KEMPTON Napa is beginning to look like its old self again, but looks can be deceiving. “Contrary to the perception that everything is back to normal, it isn’t. Many places have not recovered from the quake,” said Mark Pope, a case manager for the South Napa Earthquake Recovery Group, which has…

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