Napa Valley Register: Note form the President

December 20, 2021 by Jay Scott Over the past month and my limited time as the President of Napa Valley Publishing I am only now starting to understand the true spirit of Napa County. After recovering from an earthquake that literally shook it to its core. Not one but two recent wildfires, and now as…

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Napa Valley Register: 12 Days of Giving: The Immigration Institute of the Bay Area supports the legal needs of Napa’s immigrants

December 16, 2021 by Edward Booth Immigrants are tightly connected to Napa’s culture, economy and community. Immigrants represent about 73% of Napa’s agricultural workforce and large portions of the county’s manufacturing, construction and hospitality industries, according to a 2012 report about Napa’s immigrant population from the Migration Policy Institute. But many of Napa’s immigrants likely…

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Napa Valley Register: Our View: Celebrating Napa County non-profits

December 12, 2021 by Napa Valley Register Editorial Board Napa County is a special place. One of the things that makes it special is its thriving non-profit community. From tiny operations consisting of just one or two people, to sprawling enterprises like OLE Health, non-profits are working every day to make our community better. There…

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