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Every day, we gather generous hearts and bright minds to solve the problems that lie beneath the surface of this beautiful place we call home.

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A photo collage reading: back to school, Proudly investing more than $625,000 in our community's students and their bright futures! #EducationGrants2023 with 7 photos of students who received scholarships from NVCF in 2023

NVCF Awards More Than $625,000 in Education Grants and Scholarships

We are thrilled to announce the awarding of more than $625,000 in education grants and scholarships this year, marking a significant investment in the future of our community’s students.

In 2023, 66 local scholars received $438,000 in scholarships for postsecondary education. Our scholarship program recipients are attending institutions at all levels: from Napa Valley College to other community colleges, schools in the CSU and UC systems, and private universities, these students are diving into diverse fields such as computer sciences, occupational therapy, business, pre-law, and nursing.

For many of these students, the scholarships are a game-changer. They bridge the gap between dreaming and achieving, often making the difference between pursuing further education or halting after high school. A significant number of these students are also first-generation college-goers. They’re not just pursuing degrees; they’re chasing the American Dream and making their families beam with pride.

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An illustrated graphic reading media and Democracy Fund, with images of different types of mass media: newspapers, cell phones, tvs, computers, photography, video, podcasts, radio.

Media & Democracy

We believe that our community and our democracy are more vibrant when everyone participates in the decisions we make about our future.  The lack of access to independent, local news in communities can drive civic disengagement. When communities lose local news outlets, we also risk losing representation for diverse communities in the Valley.

To listen to our Town Hall from April 20, 2023 on sustaining local media in an era of disinformation and growing partisanship, click here.

Read our Landscape Report on the Future of News in Napa Valley, released December 19, 2023.

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A woman with long dark hair wearing a pink long sleeve shirt, holds an American flag and smiles as she shakes the hand of another woman.

Creating a stronger community, one new citizen at a time

When our 2012 immigration study revealed that Napa County has 9,000 citizenship-eligible Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs), aka Green Card holders, but many were not taking the important step towards achieving citizenship due to an absence of a robust legal services infrastructure, we launched the One Napa Valley Initiative (ONVI), a campaign to create new citizens and a stronger community. ONVI is building awareness of the benefits and requirements of citizenship, helping LPRs with their naturalization applications, preparing them for their citizenship exams/interviews, and helping locals with other immigration benefits, like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Since ONVI’s launch in the summer of 2013, 10,469 people have received legal services, 1,017 people have enrolled in English and civics classes, 6,081 have submitted applications for citizenship or other immigration benefits, and 2,052 have been sworn in as U.S. citizens, representing 46 countries. More than 470 volunteers and 350 local donors, foundations, and businesses have invested nearly $2.7 million in this public-private partnership, alongside the County of Napa, as well as every municipal government in the Valley.

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