Doing good is a complex endeavor

It takes financial resources, trusted relationships and a strategic perspective to make progress on the challenges that face rural counties like ours – especially when those issues are thorny, like immigration or disaster recovery. We work side-by-side with donors and nonprofits to identify and solve the most pressing problems in our Valley.

Our approach: all ears on deck

In order to meet the objectives of your clients, we listen carefully to what you (and they) tell us. People come to giving for many reasons. They bring their life experience and their values to the table, which are inherently personal. As a result, donors often take different approaches and have different goals for their philanthropy — all of which is familiar territory to us. No matter the client, we are here with open ears and creative solutions.

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“The Foundation is a terrific resource for local families that want to give back, as well as for their advisors.”


Jennifer A. Morse, Morse & Brooks, A Professional Law Corporation

Jennifer A. Morse and colleagues all smiles at the camera.

"Giving is not just about making a donation, its about making a difference."

Kathy Calvin

What is a Community Foundation?

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