Leaving a Legacy: Elaine Honig

Elaine Honig smiles while standing in her St. Helena living room. Elaine is a white woman wearing glasses, and a black top, with shoulder length blonde hair.

When Elaine Honig turned 50, she realized she was, someday — hopefully long in the future — going to die.

“I started really thinking about what this all means. I’m just on this planet for this brief time,” says Elaine. “I’ve worked hard. I’ve been a good saver. Thinking about my resources going to something meaningful, that could make a difference for other people, it removed a lot of my anxiety.”

Elaine knew she wanted to leave a lasting legacy, and the path became clearer when she discovered NVCF. With our guidance, she defined her personal values and identified the causes that resonated deeply with her. Together, we documented her wishes in a flexible planned gift agreement that can evolve as her priorities do.

Elaine’s dedication to service wasn’t born in a vacuum. Her mother modeled a commitment to service that has stuck with her to this day. “I remember calling in college being sad about something, and she said, ‘Elaine, you just need to get out there and go volunteer. Get outside yourself.’”

This counsel had a lasting impact. Elaine started a business to support nonprofit fundraising, helping raise over $125 million.

Her commitment to service isn’t limited to her professional life. Elaine has opened her home to over 50 foster dogs throughout the years. She sums up her philosophy with conviction: “I don’t want to just live on the planet to entertain myself. We all have a responsibility. We’re all part of a bigger whole, and the world needs our help.”

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