From Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Earthquake’s fallout still felt

August 24, 2015 . Derek Moore Theresa Lang was asleep in bed or walking to her kitchen -- she can't recall which -- when the South Napa earthquake struck last August and toppled the mobile home Lang shared with her boyfriend, sending the 53-year-old woman sprawling to the floor. Lying there in shock, Lang looked…

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Helping Quake victims: one year later

  On August 24, 2014, we were deeply shaken by a powerful earthquake. Hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged in the largest seismic event the Bay Area has seen since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, mostly in and around the City of Napa.  More than 250 people were injured; almost 20 were admitted to…

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From KGO ABC 7 News: Donations Help Napa Quake Victims Save Storage Facility

Friday, August 21, 2015 Michael Finney It's been nearly a year since the powerful 6.0 earthquake badly damaged part of the Napa area. While many have recovered, hundreds of residents have been living all this time under a threat of even more destruction. Some residents stored their precious belongings at Napa Self Storage, which was red-tagged…

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From St. Helena Star: It’s not (just) about the money

August 03  •  Lisa Toller Sure, every nonprofit needs money to operate. Fundraising is an ongoing, ever-present and sometimes challenging endeavor for nonprofit organizations. And just as important as bringing in the dollars is how well that money is managed in achieving the organization’s mission – a responsibility that the staff and board of the…

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