From NCG.org: The Theory and Practice of Disaster Grantmaking

October 8, 2018, by Terence Mulligan Roughly a year ago, I participated in a funders meeting about the North Bay fires, hosted by our friends at Northern California Grantmakers. At that time, I said in jest that I planned to spend the rest of my career in an iron box in the high desert of…

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The One Year Anniversary of the Napa Wildfires

One year ago, a ferocious series of fires tore through Napa Valley and the North Bay. More than 1,300 structures were damaged in our community, including 653 homes that were completely destroyed. Seven people lost their lives and 70,000 acres were charred in what is still — after another year of unprecedented wildfire activity in…

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From The Napa Register: Our View: Better and stronger one year later

October 6, 2018, by Napa Valley Register Editorial Board Napa County is a different place than it was on this day one year ago. The landscape has changed, with large swaths of forest and brush-land charred beyond recognition. Some of its neighborhoods are different, with vacant lots where houses once stood. And of course, nothing…

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From the Napa Valley Register: Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund distributes $6.2 million for fire relief

October 2, 2018. By Register Staff In the year following the devastating Napa Valley firestorms, the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund reports working with more than two dozen nonprofit organizations to distribute $6.2 million. Relief and recovery services have gone to 15,000 Napa County fire survivors to assist with temporary shelter, meals, clothing, medical…

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