Forging Ahead

Through our collective efforts, we aim to bridge gaps, nurture inclusivity, and build a resilient and prosperous community. Our core areas of focus are meticulously designed to cultivate a community where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. But we can’t do it alone. Our Community Impact Funds bring together the financial support and insights of local donors like you, focusing on Napa Valley’s most urgent challenges. Your contributions, combined with others who share your passion, go further in making a tangible difference in our community.

Invest in Youth

An illustrated drawing of a graduation cap, on a yellow background. Text reads: INVEST in YOUTH In School and Out of School Fund | Scholarship Funds

We believe that all young people have the potential to become confident and contributing adults. However, while gifts and talents are evenly distributed, access and opportunities are not.

Our grants have helped to level the educational playing field since 2007. We identify and invest in the most effective nonprofits and public agencies that help students build academic and leadership skills to take them from preschool to college.

Education Grants
Our Scholarship Funds

Fight Poverty

An illustrated drawing of flowers growing, on a red background. Text reads: MEET the MOMENT

Housing Fund | Strong Communities Fund

We believe that our Valley is only as strong as its most vulnerable residents. Unfortunately, significant barriers—like the high cost of housing—stand in the way of local families’ ability to thrive.

For over a decade, we have been channeling our resources to meet the basic needs of our Valley neighbors, from initiating feeding programs to developing affordable housing solutions. Through the Napa Sonoma ADU Center, we are pioneering the creation of affordable rental units, fostering a community where every family has the opportunity to flourish.

Napa Sonoma ADU Center
Strong Communities

Champion Community

An illustrated drawing of two birds fluing in the clouds, on a blue background. Text reads: CHAMPION COMMUNITYOne Napa Valley Initiative Fund | Media and Democracy Fund

We believe that our community and our democracy are more vibrant when everyone participates in the decisions we make about our future. But all too often, certain segments of our population face obstacles to civic engagement—like the lack of affordable legal services to obtain citizenship, or the dearth of local journalism.

Through the One Napa Valley Initiative, we are facilitating pathways for local immigrants to become fully engaged in the Valley’s future, offering legal services and citizenship assistance. Furthermore, our Media and Democracy Fund is a testament to our commitment to preserving the vibrancy of our democracy, ensuring access to independent, local news, and fostering civic engagement.

One Napa Valley
Media and Democracy Fund

Meet the Moment

An illustrated drawing of a hand holding a lightbulb, on a green background. Text reads: MEET the MOMENT

Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund

We believe that disasters don’t discriminate, but recovery does.

We are here to ensure that recovery is a right afforded to all. Through the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund, we have channelled over $25 million into relief and recovery efforts from recent disasters, standing as a pillar of support and resilience in times of crisis.

Wildfire Recovery
Covid 19

Support Napa Valley Community Foundation

An illustrated drawing of a head with a heart symbol representing the brain, on a yellow background. Text reads: COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP

Community Leadership Fund

We believe that unrestricted dollars fuel innovation, responsiveness and exemplary service to our donors, our grantees and our community.

The Community Leadership Fund is a load-bearing wall, supporting every aspect of our work. It is our R&D facility and our passing gear, as well. Gifts to this Fund are used to sponsor research; host community conversations; launch new programs that fill the key gaps we find; and conduct due diligence on several million dollars of grant distributions to several hundred nonprofits each year.

Our Leadership Fund

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